Speaking & Training

The feedback on your presentation received across the group was great. Given that it was a cross section of very senior and junior assistants the content worked very well.

D. Grogan

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Mirvac Group

Working with Liz was an absolute dream. She understood the brief and delivered a great presentation that the attendees found very useful. Liz is an expert in this area. Her take on the challenges that Assistants face is thoughtful, detailed and practical. She offers tips that Assistants can take straight back to the office and implement.

Nicky Christmas

Founder, Practically Perfect PA

The Knowing Assistant Philosophy

My sweet spot is the skills, values and behaviours that build the perception that an assistant is indispensable. My philosophy and my training and speaking focuses on the four key areas below:

Know Yourself

Know Your Job

Know Your Boss

Know Your Organisation

You Really Don't Want To Say No!

Saying "No" to this pop up form is something I bet you can do quite easily. But if you're like most Executive Assistants I come across, saying "No" at work is a different story.

The trick is to be able to say "No" without actually using the word! So I've created this simple cheat sheet giving you 5 Ways To Say "No" Without Using The Word "No".

All I need is your email address and your name and the cheat sheet will be flying through cyber-space to your inbox before you can say indispensable!

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Pssssssst! I'm Running My First Online Course Soon.

Due to popular demand I've decided to get my butt into gear and launch my first online course. It's going to help you communicate your value and skills so that you can get more recognition and feel more secure in your role.

Does that sound like something you'd be interested in?

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